Delivery Information

WoodiZ ships to all countries - Damian Goliath - - 081 071 8240

WoodiZ will ship within two working days of order confirmation and supply you with tracking information

As a general rule, assume that regular post will take 5–10 days for South Africa, North America, & the UK, and 10–25 days for the rest of the world. Express post is generally 4 – 6 days for South Africa, North America & the UK.

If you live down a donkey track in Tuana Tuva, please allow a little bit extra.

About Woodiz

Founded in 2013 by Damian and Angela Goliath, WoodiZ presents natural, sustainable and fashionable woodcraft to the streets of Jozi. A Johannesburg based enterprise that is proud of how the youth and the pop culture industry are transforming the streets of Jo’burg, into a hub of creative freedom of expression in various forms and mediums.


  • 081 017 8240
  • 083 382 3442



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