Wood Doing Good

Since our primary product is wood, WoodiZ is committed to assist with the preservation of its sustainability and “Do Good for Wood” by participating in Greenpop tree planting projects. We have pledged that a percentage of our profits will be donated monthly.

With green and sustainable thinking in mind, as far as possible, we use any off-cuts and byproducts from our manufacturing process that would otherwise go to waste and fabricate jewelry and other small wooden accessories; earrings, cufflinks, tie clips, rings etc.

For more on Greenpop please visit:  www.greenpop.org

Damian Goliath - damian@woodiz.co.za - 081 071 8240

About Woodiz

Founded in 2013 by Damian and Angela Goliath, WoodiZ presents natural, sustainable and fashionable woodcraft to the streets of Jozi. A Johannesburg based enterprise that is proud of how the youth and the pop culture industry are transforming the streets of Jo’burg, into a hub of creative freedom of expression in various forms and mediums.


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