Eyewear:  WoodiZ offers a nine-month warranty against any manufacturing faults or defects.
For all other products have a twelve-month warranty.  This warranty does not apply to damage caused by normal wear and tear, or unreasonable use or neglect. As our core material is wood, each enquiry is different and will be handled on a case by case basis.

Please keep your slips or invoice as our retailers usually require a proof of purchase. 

For any returns please get in with us on:

Damian Goliath - damian@woodiz.co.za - 081 071 8240

Damian@woodiz.co.za  081 017 8240

Online Store: www.woodiz.co.za

FB: facebook.com/WoodiZ.SouthAfrica

Instagram: #WoodiZ_SA

Twitter: @WoodiZ_SA

About Woodiz

Founded in 2013 by Damian and Angela Goliath, WoodiZ presents natural, sustainable and fashionable woodcraft to the streets of Jozi. A Johannesburg based enterprise that is proud of how the youth and the pop culture industry are transforming the streets of Jo’burg, into a hub of creative freedom of expression in various forms and mediums.


  • 081 017 8240
  • 083 382 3442
  • angela@woodiz.co.za



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